• go up to the comments guy. he will tell you that 4 of the most famous youtubers have gone missing.
  • then he will give you a paper that says: FIND:FRED, ANNOYING ORANGE, NIGAHIGA, AND CPBROADCAST.
  • first go to freds channel and sneek past kevin. go in freds house and go upstairs.
  • you will see fred. he will tell you that he needs more acters for a fred video.
  • beat the camera mini game and he will give you a pass to cpbroadcasts channel.
  • go to cp broadcasts channel. sneek past graser8.go in tazbois igloo.
  • he will tell you hes working on a video.
  • he gives you a camera. you have to make a five star video.
  • now go to the annoying oranges channel sneek past knife and find pear and passion fruit.
  • they will tell you that orange is sick.
  • play the minigame and fill up the annoying meter. now go to nigahigas channel.
  • sneek past r-dizzle. you will find ryan locked in a cell. he will tell you that r-dizzle locked him in here.
  • unlock ryan. r-dizzle will start chasing you.
  • out run him and go to the home page.
  • comments guy will give you a medallion!