Total Drama Poptropica==


Could you survive on the Poptropica islands without TV, the internet or a cell phone? Well, that's exactly what these teenagers can do here on this virtual world. President Ovalhead, Phineas and Ferb have bought a plane called the Total Drama Poptropica Jumbo Jet and 18 contestants board the plane and fly around Planet Poptropica for a chance to win $1,000,000. With 9 members on each team, they'll have to face 17 gross/ unnecessary/ humiliating/ painful/ movie-inspired challenges on Poptropica islands to see who wins, who gets a medalion before departing to the next location and who walks the Dock of Shame and boards the Boat of Losers. Who will win this time? And where will we go this time?


Rusty RobotsEdit

  1. You
  2. Zeus (From Mythology Island)
  3. Sprocket (From Steamworks Island)
  4. Binary Bard (From Astro-Knights Island)
  5. E.Vile (From Legendary Swords)
  6. Sir Candor (From Astro-Knights Island)
  7. Sir Gawain (From Astro-Knights Island)
  8. Sir Pellas (From Astro-Knights Island)
  9. Ned Noodlehead (From Super Power Island)
  10. Captain Crawfish (From Skullduggery Island)
  11. Kirk Strayer (From Back Lot Island)
  12. Holmes (From Game Show Island)
  13. El Mustachio Grande (From Wild West Island)

Screaming SpiesEdit

  1. Posiedon (From Mythology Island)
  2. Black Widow (From Counterfeit Island)
  3. Zack (From Steamworks Island)
  4. Director D. (From Spy Island)
  5. Hades (From Mythology Island)
  6. Dr. Harold Langley (From Game Show Island)
  7. Dr. Hare (From 24 Carrot Island)
  8. Shark Boy (From Shark Tooth Island)
  9. Astro-Knights King (From Astro-Knights Island)
  10. (Gretchen Grimlock (From Cryptids Island)
  11. Harold Mews (From Cryptids Island)


  1. Early Poptropica: Pixel Power! (Pixelating yourself)
  2. Shark Tooth: Shark Tooth-terror! (Jumping off a cliff)
  3. Time Tangled: It's About Time! (Climbing up Mt. Everest)
  4. 24 Carrot: Carrot Catch (Catching falling carrots)
  5. Super Power: How High Can You Fly, Guy? (Flying up a tower while avoiding anvils)
  6. Spy Island: Sweet Spy (Sneaking into a candy store)
  7. Nabooti Island: Digging To Destiny (Digging to trap opponents)
  8. Big Nate: Don't Be Nate (Jet-skiing)
  9. Astro-Knights: Good Knight (Fighting knights)
  10. Counterfeit: Art Attack (Painting art)
  11. Reality TV: TV Of Terror! (Fixing a broken TV)
  12. Mythology: Oh, My Gods! (Avoiding gods)
  13. Skulduggery: Sea Shootout (Shooting pirate ships)
  14. Steamworks: Whack-A-Plant (Whacking Plants)
  15. Great Pumpkin: Gimme A Break
  16. Cryptids: VERY Bigfoot
  17. Wild West: Crazy Cowboys