Science Extreme Island's Logo

Science Extreme Island is one of the Islands that Joshuawesome8 & Paultropica6 Came up With.


The Invention Convention is celebrating it's 10th year alive with 2 special prizes! But when someone causes the 1st ever machine to win, the Invention Convention Judge-A-Tron (ICJ) 8.6000, to go loco, it's up to you to save the Invention Convention!


  • You
  • Professor Pendulum
  • CJ
  • TK
  • Thomas Edison
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Thomas Edison's Clone
  • Zack
  • Sprocket
  • Charlie
  • Whiskers
  • Magic Socks
  • The Princess of Arturus
  • Basho
  • An Early Poptropican


  • 1 Invention Convention Admittance Card
  • Professor Pendulum's Room Key
  • An Air Horn
  • A Hammer
  • A Taser


  • This island was created by Joshuawesome8 & Paultropica6.