first,the guy at the agency will tell you to go to england

he will give you 1000 credits! dont spend them though!

next, he will give you a ultra sharp cd

get to the spy car

play the trip to england minigame

go to the toll booth

pay the 1000 credits to get through

go to big ben

climb through the clock mechanisem

2 goons will be there

the screen goes black and you end up in a cage above acid

use the super sharp cd to get out

pick up one of the bars

a few bubbles of acid will come up

next you must jump from them. be careful! 1 second after you touch them they pop!

get out and 2 goons apear

bring out the cell bar

press space and you will hit them with it

once you get them 1 will say: c'mon d! lets show them our true forms!

the goons become docter hare and director d

director d shoots lasers and docter hare jumps and shoots carrot bombs

then the retired superhero comes and blasts them with laser eyes

ratman, betty jetty, speeding spike, and copy cat come in and ratman holds out a glowing rock and the old superhero faints!

then the sensei from red dragon, the old lady from counterfit, and prof. pendlem come in

prof.pendlem disapeares for a second and comes back in spartan armor

both teams line up (youre with the good guys)

rat man sends out 2 rats but the old lady hits them then ratman flees

speeding spike spins but the sensei taps him with his stick and he falls down

jetty betty flys over but prof.pendlem throws his spear at her shirt and it gets stuck to the ceiling

then copy cat makes copies and they make the heros faint but the heros drop their things

you combine the items and make a TiMe StAfF

copy cat makes 2 more of herself and sets a smoke bomb

the smoke bomb makes it so you can not see from time to time

zap them all with the staff and the original will turn very old and die

then you get teleported to hq

the guy there gives you a medallion, 100 credits, and a spy watch!