first you will spawn on main street

find the fanlair and go inside

you will find fanboy and chumchum sitting on the couch

fanboy tells you mr.mcmuffin stole their rare colectible action figure

he tells you to go to oz, he will help

he gives you a key

go to oz's shop

use the key to get in

oz will help you train:

course 1: sneak past gaurds

oz will have cameras set up and you have to sneak past them

course 2:pick the locks

oz will give you a paperclip

play a lockpick minigame to win

course 3: crawl under desks

you hold down space and crawl under tables to win

next,oz gives you a emergency toy lightsaber

next, go to the school

use the paper clip to break in

sneak past the securety lasers and cameres

you see a note, pick it up

it says:2345

go to room 2345 and use the paper clip to get in

you will see mr.mcmuffin by the desk

sneak under the tables and to his desk

he sees you and pulls out a stick

use the toy lightsaber and sword fight with him

win it and go to a drawer

use the paper clip to get in

grab the toy and run

lupe (said:loo-pay)will be blocking the door

go upstairs and use the paper clip on the window

get out and run to the fanlair

give the toy to them

fanboy will give you 100 credits, a fanboy costume, and a medallion!