Dr. Hare's Island's Logo
Dr. Hare Island is an Islands that Joshuawesome8 & Paultropica6 Came up With


Dr. Hare has returned - and now he has taken over an island! When you land on the island, you are soon found out to be not loyal to Dr. Hare, and tossed into jail. There you meet the one other man who is not loyal to Dr. Hare, Professor Bunnyson (The Professor, for short), and together, you ecsape. Can you save the whole island from Dr. Hare?


  • You
  • Professor Bunnyson
  • Dr. Hare
  • The Mini Rabbot
  • The Were-Hare
  • The Hare County Police
  • Hard Hitter Hare
  • Her Hare
  • Hippy Hare
  • Hobo Hare
  • Hiker Hare
  • Hater Hare


  • Dr. Hare Prison Hancuffs
  • HarePad
  • I ♥ Dr. Hare Shirt
  • Hare Growth Formula


  • After escaping from jail, the Poptropican Blimp turns into a Dr. Hare Blimp.