Daron Malakian-2006

Daron Malakian (July 18, 1975) Was The Guitarist Of Soil, System Of A Down And The Lead Singer Of Scars On Broadway.

Soil (1992-1995)Edit

This Was Daron's First Band, With Serj Tankian In Vocals And Keyboard, Dave Hakopyan On Bass, And Domingo Loranio On Drums. The Band Broke Up In '95

System Of A Down (1995-2006)Edit

For Daron, 2004, 2005 And 2006 Were The Years Daron Was Not Shirtless. He Was On Guitars, With Serj On Vocals And Keyboard, Shavo Odadijan On Bass And John Dolmayan On Drums.

Scars On Broadway (2003-2011)Edit

Daron Had A Band Called Scars On Broadway, Formed In 2003, The Band Would Play When There Was No Scheduled System Of A Down Performances. Daron Is The Lead Singer Of The Band, While There Have Been A Lot Of Other Band Members, One Of Them Was The Drummer Of System Of System Of A Down, John Dolmayan.

Island AppearancesEdit