Save The Town From Dr. Hare Blowing Up The Main Building, The Carrot Apartment.

Characters ABC OrderEdit

  • Builder Of The Carrot Store
  • Carrot Costume Guy
  • Clone Of Dr. Hare
  • Director D.
  • Dr. Hare
  • Drone Ear Guy 1
  • Drone Ear Guy 2
  • Drone Ear Guy 3
  • Drone Ear Guy 4
  • Drone Ear Guy 5
  • Flying Robot
  • Loser
  • Mayor
  • Monkey
  • Surplus Store Guy


  1.  Start On Main Street.
  2.  Go To The Surplus Store.
  3.  Talk To The Guy Inside.
  4.  Say I Need A Banana.
  5.  He'll Give You A Moldy Banana.
  6.  Give The Banana To The Monkey.
  7.  He'll Fall Unconsious.
  8.  Director D. Will Wake Him Up.
  9.  The Monkey Will Drop the Peel.
  10.  Pick Up The Peel.
  11.  The Carrot Store Builder Will Give You A Coil Of Rope.
  12.  Go Right To The Next Part Of The Island.
  13.  You Will See A Clone Of Dr. Hare.
  14.  You Will Drop The Peel.
  15.  Dr. Hare's Clone Will Slip And Fall Into The Hole.
  16.  He Needs Rope To Climb Up.
  17.  Give Him The Rope.
  18.  Talk To The Loser.
  19.  He'll Give You The Computer Command Sheet. 
  20.  Enter The Factory.
  21.  You Will See Drone Ear Guy 1.
  22.  Turn The Ears Off.
  23.  He'll Give You A Password Sheet That Says Fuzzybunny.
  24. Go Right Until You See Drone Ear Guy 2.
  25.  He Will Give You Drone Ears After You Turn Off The Ears.
  26.  Climb The Rope.
  27.  Enter The Blue Door On The Left.
  28.  A Flying Robot Will Zap You To "The Cage."
  29.  In The Cage, Turn Off Drone Ear Guy 3's Ears.
  30.  He Will Bust You Out.
  31.  Jump On The Grey Box And Turn Off Drone Ear Guy 4's Ears.
  32.  He'll Give You A Zap Gun.
  33.  Zap The Cage Where Drone Ear Guy 5 Is By The Computer.
  34.  Turn His Ears Off.
  35.  He'll Allow You To Go On The Computer.
  36.  Type In Fuzzybunny And The Command: Launch Rabbot.
  37.  The Videogame-Like Thing Will Come Up.
  38.  Blast Dr. Hare Out The Sky.
  39.  Drone Ear 5 Will Lead You To Main Street.
  40.  Talk To The Mayor And He'll Give You The Medallion!